Hungary meets Morrow

By Justin Boron

From the paprika in goulash to the cayenne pepper of a low country boil, Morrow and Hungarian officials are things they share in common.

But spice may be just the start of their shared interests when a group of Hungarians comes to Morrow in June to search for common branches of industry like biotechnology, information technology, and logistics.

Friday, Morrow economic development officials and Melinda Czagény, a seven year deputy trade commissioner for Hungary, met at Southside Seafood in Lake City over a low country boil that ended a tour of some of the local flavor including the "Gone with the Wind" site in Jonesboro.

The tour served to show off Southern culture and allow Czagény, who is based out of New York, to prepare for the convention in June, said Grant Wainscott, the Morrow director of economic development.

The two groups have played host to each other over the past year and a half as part of Morrow's efforts to generate tourism and economic development through international ties.

In October and November of 2003, Wainscott led a trade mission to central Europe visiting the Czech Republic, Romania, and Hungary.

When the Investment and Trade Development agency of Hungary decided it needed a seminar in the South, the connection already made with Morrow fell into place, Czagény said.

In addition to a possible trade relationships, Wainscott said Morrow could become a sister city.

Hungary already has some definite connections to Morrow in education.

Clayton College & State University has a partnership with a world renown arts and music college in Hungary, Franz Liszt Academy, which Scott said is comparable to The Julliard School.

Czagény said she enjoyed her visit to Clayton County.

She said the small town's for their culture even reminded her of her hometown of Eger in northern Hungary.