Sad excuses for entertainment - Justin Boron

One thing people definitely need more of in their lives is Sylvester Stallone and Jeff Foxworthy. This seems to be the attitude of two cable channels that have become fail safes of mine for worthwhile programming when nothing else was on.

But Comedy Central and the American Movie Classics channel have fallen on hard times and have been forced to resort to scheduling embarrassing marathons of "Blue Collar Comedy" and the "Rocky" sequels to fill up their daytime programming. Last weekend, these two sad excuses of entertainment were inescapable, and their residue has extended all the way through this week.

Every time I visit AMC, it's Rocky's beat up ugly face looking back at me. Foxworthy and his crew of Rhodes scholars is even more sickening.

I've run into a serious problem when Law & Order or college basketball is on commercial and I need another channel to avoid mindless advertisement.

Typically, Comedy Central has something on I can watch for five minutes, have a laugh, and move back to a more important enterprise like the Spring Training outlook for the Dodgers.

But now, all I see on the station responsible for genius shows like "Strangers with Candy" and "Upright Citizens Brigade" is overweight comedians making asinine jokes and singing ridiculous songs.

Even though a 24 hour station devoted to Jeff Foxworthy is a scary thought, I'm more concerned about the new changes to the Wendy's value menu because they are blasphemy to Dave Thomas' memory.

Several 99-cent items like the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger have been removed.

Their replacement is $1.50 sandwiches smothered in barbecue sauce.

I won't stand by and let these corporate fat cats, with no understanding of the Thomas' underlying philosophy, drag in the dirt everything Wendy's has become.

It's things like an affordable sandwich that keep hard working Americans motivated.

They also provide a safety net. No matter what happens to me, I can always reach out to Wendy's and get a medium fry and a small chili in exchange for the coins in my pocket.

The Thomas family has just treated me right and these changes threaten to erase their glorious history as a fast food chain.

Justin Boron is the government reporter for the News-Daily. His column appears Monday. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753 or jboron@news-daily.com