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Fear and Loathing at the Flower Show - Rob Felt

The bucket-sized flower pots in front of the parking deck security booths were overflowing with plastic representations of nature's true glory, and I wondered if all the botanical fanatics headed to the Southeastern Flower Show would take offense at that.


March 3, 2005

Chicken Challenge draws on cow creations

By Greg Gelpi

DiCaprio; a divider not a uniter - Zach Porter

As our nation stands divided over issues such as gay marriage, social security reform, and the war in Iraq, I would like to discuss a somewhat banal matter by comparison; but one that may be just as polarizing nonetheless. The 77th Academy Awards aired last night and movie-lovers have answered the question of whether they love or hate Best Actor nominee Leonardo DiCaprio. To better understand this combustible issue perhaps we should consider a quote from Bill Murray as the character Bob Wiley in the film "What About Bob?": "There are two types of people in this world, those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't." I ask you dear reader; can the same be said about the forever baby-faced Leo?

Pets of the Week

Monk is a 1-year-old, black domestic shorthair. He has been neutered and all vaccinations are current. Monk was abandoned at the door of the Clayton County Humane Society. He has some unusual facial deformities, but the attending veterinarian believes that Monk is healthy. For more information call the Humane Society at (770) 471-9436. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.

Jennings to be the next great UFOlogist - Justin Boron

There was a spectacular show about UFOs on ABC last week called "Seeing is Believing." Peter Jennings was host and narrator to an incisive report, hung on some of the more compelling recent accounts of abduction and sightings.

CCSU women begin postseason today

From Staff Reports

Pull those pants up or go to jail - Bob Paslay

OK, I've counted them up and America now officially has enough laws on the books. What got me thinking about laws was the stupid lawmaker in Virginia who would make it a crime for children to wear their pants low enough that you could see the band of their underwear sticking over the pants. First, let me ask what kind of childhood this yahoo had?

Mundy's Mill falls to Luella

By Anthony Rhoads

Seuss stirs imagination, sparks reading

By Greg Gelpi

Forest Park romps past Mt. Zion, 7-0

By Jeffery Armstrong

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The good, bad and ugly of religiosity - Ed Brock

A synchronistic series of events have led me to make a few observations about morality and religion.

Mere supermarket musings - Greg Gelpi

A deadly meteor is zeroing in on the United States with impending devastation and massive loss of life.

Delta bailout stalling in House

By Justin Boron