Two dead in drug shooting

By Justin Boron

A trash bag that was supposed to be filled with 10 pounds of marijuana, but instead contained old shoes and secondhand clothes, sat in a Riverdale home Wednesday. It was evidence of a series of drug deals gone awry that led to an early morning gun battle resulting in two deaths and two hospitalized males, police say.

Just after midnight Tuesday, two males, one shot in the abdomen and one in the lower back and arm, were dropped off at Southern Regional Medical Center, Clayton County Police Department Capt. Jeff Turner said.

Orlando Mays, 26, and Adam Goodman, 27, both of Birmingham, Ala., had just left a home on Lady Agatha Court, where two bodies lay in a room pockmarked with bullet holes and covered with blood, he said.

Mays and Goodman told police they had tried to buy 10 pounds of marijuana for $4,500 in Atlanta.

What they received was a bag full of old clothes, police say.

Set on returning to Alabama with drugs, Mays and Goodman arranged another drug deal in Clayton County with Rodney Woods, 29, of Atlanta and Manuelo Brown, 27, of East Point, Turner said.

The resident of the house, Krystel Brown, 20, told police during the drug transaction she and another female from Birmingham went into a room and heard one of the four men say, "You know what this is."

Turner said the phrase indicated a robbery was in progress.

Then, one or both of the sides opened fire, he said.

Terry Sturgis, 24, who lives next-door to the home, said he woke to the sound of gunshots.

"I heard like 'bam, bam, bam,' like six shots, then screams, and a final shot," he said.

Turner said there were 20 to 25 bullet holes found in the home but no guns were recovered on the scene.

Investigators also found Brown dead by the doorway with more than a pound of marijuana under his shirt, he said.

Another neighbor, Marguerite Kendall, 72, said she suspected the house next-door to her was a drug house even before the current residents moved in.

"Drunks, dope heads, everything," she said.

No charges were filed as of press time, Turner said.

The two killings are the latest in a confluence of violent and drug-related crimes in the public spotlight. The rash of violence has been magnified by apparent citizen concern over the prevalence of gangs in the community and schools.

As investigators stepped around two bullet-ridden bodies Wednesday afternoon in a neighborhood off Valley Hill Road, another drug-related, double killing was being tried in Clayton County Superior Court.

And last week, the reverberation of a beating of a Forest Park teacher segued into the shock of an unrelated robbery-killing over the weekend in the northern part of the city.