News for Saturday, March 5, 2005


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Lovejoy sweeps Henry County

By Anthony Rhoads

A Newman steering the Ark

By Aisha I. Jefferson

State budget moves money away from rail

By Justin Boron

North Clayton blanks Blue Devils

By Jeffery Armstrong

Fear and Loathing at the Flower Show - Rob Felt

The bucket-sized flower pots in front of the parking deck security booths were overflowing with plastic representations of nature's true glory, and I wondered if all the botanical fanatics headed to the Southeastern Flower Show would take offense at that.

Jonesboro, Fayette County battle to 1-1 tie

By Doug Gorman

This land could be your land

By Ed Brock

Drug info available for free

By Michael Davis

John F. Haney Jr.

Mr. John F. Haney Jr., 82, of Rex passed away Thursday, March 3, 2005.

Doris Smith

Doris Smith of Jonesboro, born March 13, 1952, to Inez and Willie Smith, passed away at home on Wednesday, March 2, 2005.

Pets of the Week

Monk is a 1-year-old, black domestic shorthair. He has been neutered and all vaccinations are current. Monk was abandoned at the door of the Clayton County Humane Society. He has some unusual facial deformities, but the attending veterinarian believes that Monk is healthy. For more information call the Humane Society at (770) 471-9436. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.

Jennings to be the next great UFOlogist - Justin Boron

There was a spectacular show about UFOs on ABC last week called "Seeing is Believing." Peter Jennings was host and narrator to an incisive report, hung on some of the more compelling recent accounts of abduction and sightings.

Mere supermarket musings - Greg Gelpi

A deadly meteor is zeroing in on the United States with impending devastation and massive loss of life.

Overturned car backs up 19/41

By Justin Boron

The good, bad and ugly of religiosity - Ed Brock

A synchronistic series of events have led me to make a few observations about morality and religion.

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The diva phoenix rises again, go Martha - Bob Paslay

If federal prosecutors hoped to chill all white collar criminals by sending Martha Stewart to jail, they failed. If they hoped to break the diva, they failed. All they did was create a more successful, richer and better Martha Stewart.

If you're video taping, tape the entire story - Zach Porter

This week in the national news there was an incident at a New Jersey high school where a teacher was caught on video yelling excessively at his students to stand up during the National Anthem. The footage was recorded secretly on a student's mobile phone. The teacher was basically arguing with one student who refused to stand. Captured by a device that fits in the palm of a hand, this footage has now been beamed out from the small classroom across the nation to millions of slight-minded television viewers.