Letters to the Editor

Give Wilbanks a pass on this one

As many people did, I watched Jennifer's story unfold. I heard glowing descriptions of her character, kindness and good will. I can think back and recall some things in my life that I'd love to do over. I'm sure Jennifer feels the same way. No matter how things turned out, I think that malice was the last thing on Jennifer's mind.

I saw one female business owner claim that Jennifer was giving the town a bad name. She's was incorrect. I think the business owner did much more damage. For my money, your town was depicted as a grand place to be, both before and after Jennifer was found.

This Michigan grandmother thinks your town sparkled during the ordeal. I suggest that you give Jennifer a pass on this one. I'm sure you will receive a heartfelt apology from her. The town will shine even more if you let her put this behind her.

- Ann Calder

Lincoln Park, MI

Wilbanks should have to reimburse us

I just saw on the news where Jennifer Wilbanks had a severe case of "cold feet." According to the Albuquerque police she will not face any criminal charges. Well when she gets back to Gwinnett County, I hope the County sues the h--- out of her for my tax dollars that were spent trying to find this psycho. If it were up to me, she would have to pawn all over wedding gifts and then some to reimburse the citizens of Gwinnett.

- Marc D. Caputo


Porter should let Wilbanks off

In regard to your District Attorney, Danny Porter.

Let me tell you where I sit, before I tell you where I stand. I am a retired police officer, with 28 years of experience.

In the America I know, it is not unlawful to leave your home and travel about this country. This is where the police resources were expended, on a search in good faith due to poor judgment by Jennifer Wilbanks ... nonetheless, still a lawful act. She did call in a false report from "out of state" which is unlawful by definition, but no resources were used for that act, as she recanted that story before any police response was required. D.A. Danny Porter knows full well that many false reports are made, but this one had nothing to gain for Wilbanks, it was pure and simple a mental state issue, not an intend to defraud or to commit a crime.

Porter appears to be riding the wave of national publicity for his own personal gain, which is selfish and casts a negative light on the State of Georgia in this particular case. Albuquerque Police found compassion in this situation, but Porter is show-boating and basking in the spotlight. I find this very distasteful, and hope to find the citizens of the state of Georgia to be a kindred spirit of this perspective.

- Henry Hill

Pittsburgh, PA