'Go ask your father' - Mothers' words of advice and then some

By Ed Brock

Larry Williams knows the importance of treasuring the words of wisdom mothers give to their children.

"(Mother) passed away two years ago. She was my best friend and confidant and I miss her," said 51-year-old Williams of Morrow. "I guess the best advice she ever gave me was to do whatever made me happy."

At the time Williams was in a job he didn't like. So he left the job and joined the Army, starting a career he did enjoy.

Mother's Day is the time to think about those words of wisdom, even if they aren't always serious, like the advice 18-year-old Tori Tarver got from her mother.

"Don't trust people who have two first names," Tarver said.

Denise Allen, a clerk at the Henry County Courthouse in McDonough, said her mother told her to learn how to pray.

"And she gets to choose my next husband," 52-year-old Allen said. "She gets to interview him and choose."

Frank Agueli, 42, of Riverdale remembers his mother telling him when he was a child to be a child.

"She meant (for me) to enjoy my childhood. And I did," Agueli said. "I know some people who would like to forget their childhood."

James Burt's mother had some advice for him when he was a child, too.

"Two things, be honest and don't fight," said Burt, now 79 and living in Jonesboro.

Burt said he did get into a lot of fights at that age.

Life is what happening now, not waiting for what will happen, that's the advice 20-year-old Gabrielle Waters of Jonesboro got from her mother.

"I'm a college student and I was complaining about being broke," Waters said.

Waters' mother went on to tell her that these were the years she should enjoy the most.

Marlena Bowens' mother gave her words of strength.

"Basically don't let life get you down," 23-year-old Bowens of Jonesboro said.

Bowens' own daughter, 5-year-old Kayla Givans, said she's gotten some good advice from Bowens.

"She told me if I get a five (a high grade) in school I get to go to the movies," Givans said.

Quovadis Brittian, 36, of Hampton said she just started listening to her mother's advice.

"She said let people handle their own business and don't try to solve other people's problems," Brittian said.

Ben Mance of Morrow got some different advice from his mother.

"'Go ask your father,' that's the best advice she ever gave me," Mance said. "My dad just really had all the answers."

Father's Day is on June 19.