Clayton apprehends Henry escapee

By Aisha I. Jefferson

The two inmates who remained at large over the weekend after four men escaped from the Henry County Jail Wednesday are back in custody after one of the men turned himself in Sunday morning to the Clayton County Sheriff's Office, which then apprehended the other man Sunday afternoon.

Wearing a T-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes, Michael Williams, 29, surrendered around 11 a.m. at the Clayton Sheriff's office Sunday, authorities said. Clayton officers reportedly captured Jonathan Scruggs, 22, at approximately 1 p.m. Scruggs and Williams are now in the custody of the Henry County Sheriff's Office.

Further details of Scruggs' capture were unavailable as of press time on Sunday.

"He's been in Jonesboro," Henry County Sheriff's Office Lt. Scott Perry said about Williams. "He wouldn't tell us (who he was staying with)." Perry interviewed Williams for an hour, but he said the inmate was evasive with his responses.

"He's putting it off on the other three. He's saying he just went along for the ride," Perry said.

Williams and Scruggs escaped along with inmates Hubert Sprayberry, 43, and Marvin Cannon, 52, Wednesday evening. Sprayberry and Cannon were recaptured early Thursday morning in a wooded area near Moreland Avenue and Interstate 285.

The four men escaped from the county jail around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, while 49 prisoners were on recreational break under the supervision of two deputies, police said. One guard was on the outside perimeter and another was at the doorway leading back inside the jail, Henry County Sheriff's Office, law enforcement officials said.

The escapees, who were awaiting trial on unrelated charges ranging from aggravated assault and armed robbery to drugs and weapons possession, were discovered missing after a head count was taken. They now face an additional five to 10 years imprisonment for felony escape charges. According to Perry, a fence at the back of the jail was cut, and police are trying to determine if the hole was made from the inside or the outside of the recreation yard.

The Sheriff's Office is reviewing security measures and believe someone on the outside helped the men escape.

"When they left here, all four of them ended up in Palmetto, and we think that's when they split up (early Thursday morning)," Perry said. "Somebody had to drive."

Williams will make his first court appearance at 8:30 a.m. Monday morning in magistrate court.

Perry said the sheriff's office received information that Scruggs was also in the Jonesboro area or Stockbridge.

Magistrate Judge Robert Godwin bound Sprayberry and Cannon's cases over to Superior Court after they made their first court appearances Friday morning.

Staff writer Shannon Jenkins contributed to this article.