Riverdale investigating apartment coalition matter

By Justin Boron

Riverdale is investigating the manner in which a police report, without the redaction of personal information, was given to an apartment complex manager as part of a community watch program geared for multi-family housing, the city's police chief said.

Chief Thetus Knox Monday afternoon confirmed the ongoing investigation into the matter, but could not disclose further details.

Hours later, the Riverdale City Council deleted from the agenda a resolution authorizing an internal investigation into an undisclosed matter.

City Council member Michelle Bruce, who sits on the apartment managers coalition as an elected official, declined to comment on why the agenda item was deleted.

The watch group frequently uses police reports for awareness purposes, Knox said.

Typically, if there is a drug arrest in the area, where a member manages an apartment complex, the police report is provided to the manager, she said.

Georgia Open Records law says that certain elements of personal information, such as Social Security numbers, addresses and phone numbers, are exempt.

The apartment managers coalition has existed since Knox began as Riverdale chief in September.

The group is part of an overarching effort to bring the community closer to the governing process in hopes that it will forge a more influential and supportive public, officials have said.

Also at Monday night's meeting, the council approved:

é an ordinance to fine supermarkets for abandoned shopping carts. The ordinance had been tabled twice before.

é the creation of a finance department.

é a resolution for Riverdale Unity Day on May 14. For more information contact City Manager Iris Jessie at (770) 997-8989 extension 135.