Attorney demands sheriff to pay up

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill's attorney says it's time to pay up.

Zenobia Carter, an attorney with Waters, Arnold, & Associates in Lithonia, says Hill owes her more than $8,000 from a November case in which he challenged the Board of Commissioners' right to transfer several law enforcement positions from the Sheriff's Office to the police department. She has sued to collect the money.

Hill was unsuccessful in the litigation that ended Nov. 12. Since then, Carter says he has been dodging the bill.

Hill said he hasn't paid because he disagrees with the tasks and the hours billed.

"We really don't know what she's talking about," he said.

Meanwhile, the embattled sheriff is still grappling with the litigation stemming from his personnel actions in January that led 33 sheriff's employees to file a federal discrimination suit and caused the county to rack up more than $60,000 in attorney fees.

The county would not have to pay for the lawsuit filed by Carter because Hill did not have standing as sheriff when it was filed, said Don Comer, a county staff attorney.

Carter said she took $2,000 as a retainer and also offered Hill a payment plan for the remainder of the $10,187 bill.

Hill subsequently avoided her phone calls until she sent him a certified letter, she said.

After he still refused to pay, Carter said she felt compelled to file suit.

Hill was served the complaint Thursday by one of his own deputies.

Carter said she isn't looking for a fight, just the compensation she deserves.

"All I want is for Victor Hill to acknowledge that he owes me the money and pay me," she said.