Gunshots lead police to truants

By Greg Gelpi

Clayton County police responding to reports of gunfire Friday found a group of Lovejoy High School students skipping school.

The incident occurred "several miles" away from the school's campus, Clayton County schools spokesman Charles White said.

No weapons were found, otherwise the students would have been arrested, Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

"Shots were fired in the immediate area (of the students) and their car looked suspicious," Turner said.

He said it was unclear if the students were at all involved in the reported gunshots.

"School officials employed additional security measures as a safety precaution," White said. "The students were picked up by the police and returned to Lovejoy High where the school's administration determined that these students had skipped school and had disrupted the instructional day by their involvement in the incident. The school's administration has suspended the students until final exams, a period of about seven days."