Sheriff offers to play Robin to

Bell's Batman

To the editor:

When I was growing up there was this kid across the street that I used to play "superhero" with. When we would play, he would proclaim that he was going to be Superman, Batman, Aquaman, the Green Arrow, Flash, Thor and the Hulk all wrapped into one. I and other kids often found this frustrating because he left us no roles to play.

One day I expressed my concerns about this matter to my uncle and in his infinite wisdom, he told me to simply allow this friend to play all of the roles he wanted to and just concentrate on whatever role that I wanted to play. Wise words from a wise man.

When I think of Commissioner Bell my mind often drifts to my childhood playmate. From my encounters with his leadership it appears that in addition to being the elected chairman that he wants to be the Sheriff, the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, the State Representative, the Senator, the School Superintendent and the Governor all wrapped into one.

Instead of fruitlessly reminding him that he is not the Sheriff, nor has the authority to run the Sheriff's office, I am going to once again take my uncle's advice. If Commissioner Bell will accept, I am going to swear him in as an honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Sheriff's office and issue him a gun and badge and invite him to ride with me as I patrol the streets of Clayton County.

This could be a beautiful reunion of an old crime fighter from the past teaming up with an inspiring young crime fighter of the future to combat the forces of evil in Clayton County. Okay Eldrin, you win. Here are the keys to the batmobile. You can be Batman, and I will be Robin. Chief Partain can be Alfred, and we will also let Captain Turner tag along so that he can do the press release on our exploits.

Let's just go fight crime! If Commissioner Bell does not except my offer, I hope that he gets just as good of a laugh out of this as my staff and I got. After all, laughter is the first step to healing, reconciliation, and has always proven to be the best medicine.

Clayton County

Sheriff Victor Hill