Lowering your risk of breast cancer

To the editor:

Your report that breast cancer patients can reduce their risk of recurrence by adopting low-fat diets comes as no surprise.

This study of 2,437 middle-aged breast cancer patients found that those who reduced fat consumption after undergoing standard treatment for early breast cancer enjoyed a 24 percent reduction in their risk of recurrence. In some cases, the risk fell by 42 percent. The federally funded Women's Intervention Nutrition Study was performed at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

A number of past studies have found a strong association between consumption of meat and other animal fats and elevated risk of breast, colon, and other forms of cancer, which kill nearly 555,000 Americans annually. A Danish study of 117,000 women in last October's New England Journal of Medicine implicated milk consumption.

Two years ago, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and the British Lancet reported that consumption of animal fat raised the risk of breast cancer among women, but vegetable fats did not.

The breast cancer study provides women one more incentive to join the rush to meat and dairy alternatives now widely available in supermarket frozen foods and produce sections.



Leave a will to help your family

To the editor:

On Dec. 3, 2002, my mother died in Clayton County, leaving her body to Emory Hospital for medical research. Her ashes were returned and buried as per her request in the fall of 2004. On Dec. 30, 2002, her husband and my stepfather died in Clayton County.

I became administrator for both estates in April 2003. Both died without a will so all of my mother's assets went to my stepfather's estate when she died.

On May 17, 2005 I was summonded to the Clayton County Probate court for an explanination of moneys spent for the estate. Expenses included the burial cost and grave marker for my mother.

The Probate Court Judge ruled that the estate of my stepfather was not responsible for the burial cost of his wife, who preceeded him in death. If a husband is not responsible for the burial cost of his wife, then who is?

The mask of justice was removed, in my opinion with this ruling. For all you people out there that don't have a will, then please consider a trust, to avoid the probate court!