Criticizes sheriff's conduct

To the editor:

Like so many others, it distresses and angers me to witness the continuing decline of this once respectable and respected county. It is bad enough that, for whatever reasons, Clayton County has become the target of so much crudeness and crime. However, after reading in the Wednesday, May 18 News Daily ("Letters to the Editor") the second letter from Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill rebutting a letter from a citizen who responded to Sheriff Hill's first letter of recent days, I was struck by the childish, petulant nature of the Sheriff's words. How embarrassing for Clayton County that an elected official spends his time writing letters to the editor espousing his clearly egocentric viewpoints and aligning himself with the ideals of Abraham Lincoln (who, according to history, was a very humble man who presided with quiet dignity and humility; qualities not evidenced to-date in this Sheriff). It would not have surprised me if the letters had been signed "Napoleon", instead of "Sheriff Victor Hill".

I am ashamed for Clayton County and what it has become, and it is only further detriment to this County that Sheriff Hill acts like an autocrat, more concerned with how he is portrayed than he is in the proper governance and safety of the county. I am pessimistic that Clayton County will ever again be the wonderful place that I had the good fortune to grow up in, but I encourage the community and church leaders to continue on the good path they've begun. And Sheriff, here's a thought: stop butting heads with everyone, and let the policemen and deputies get on with the business of fighting crime in Clayton County! You've told us time and again that you are the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, so get out there and enforce and quit worrying about who's the big dog!

By the way Sheriff, don't feel that you need to respond to this letter; we've heard enough from you.



(formerly of Jonesboro)

Retired soldier pleased with

students' behavior

To the editor:

I had a very pleasure surprise on Tuesday, the 17th. I gave a short presentation to Ms. Henry's History Class. My subject was Vietnam. What surprised me was how the students sat quietly and listened to what I had to say. After the presentation their questions were to the point. The students were polite and showed respect to me.

After hearing so much about the shootings, coming from either this age group, or those only a year older, I realized that the news media does not want to tell the public the whole truth. Yes, there are rogue young men and women, but I am willing to bet that there are more good guys than bad guys.

Later in the day I was talking to a senior law enforcement officer and one of the first questions he asked was "What is wrong with the young people in this county?" This is a man that spent all of his adult in the business of law enforcement and he is puzzled. My only answer was the parents are going to have to do their job starting at birth. The parents have got to get involved in the schools, the six figure income people in the school system are so far out of touch with the real world it is such a shame. I believe that the youth must come back to worshiping the true God. A thought just occurred to me, maybe if the newspapers and TV would list the name of the child, and the race, the names of parents of any person who has had a 13th birthday and commits a crime. If the mother is an unwed mother that should also be in the article. I don't know if the shame factor would make any difference.


Sergeant Major, USA Retired

Lake City


consolidation of two law



To the editor:

Reference Letter to the Editor, May 18, 2005. Our new High Sheriff did fine explaining his duties, which we already know, and answering exceptions taken to certain actions. Then he made reference to the Civil War.

I certainly hope we are not at war here in Clayton County. As I have explained to Mr. Hill several times, I agree there should be a consolidation of police forces. I see no reason to have a Sheriff's Department when Clayton County has a fine police department with a fine Police Chief. The Sheriff's deputies are likewise fine law enforcement officers. The bailiffs and jail guards could be replaced by a Marshal Service.

Since we have been dragged kicking and screaming into the urban program, I think it is about time to become urbane and consolidate all Public Safety Services in the county. The City of Jonesboro has already started with their Fire Department. There is no reason to have several police departments and several fire departments in the smallest county in the State of Georgia. The reformation could be pure and simple. Take a good look at cities like New Orleans, L.A. and Jacksonville, Fla., where that has already taken place.

Moreover, supervision of a police force by an elected panel of commissioners is more efficient and ethical, and would prevent demagoguery.

Like Sheriff Hill stated, it would be more efficient and save a whole lot of money.

John A. Silbernagel