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Confessions of a closet Jedi - Chris Goltermann

The Force is back next week - just in time for one final hurrah.

Many questions leave one answer - Gerry Yandel

Enough is enough already.

That's Mr. Humanzee to you, bub! - Ed Brock

There are things I see on TV that make my cerebrum itch.

Henry County is on the road again

By Doug Gorman

Local driver slated to start 32nd at Indy

From staff reports

America, mind your own business - Shannon Jenkins

It's time America gets a hobby. Or if nothing else, we should mind our own blooming business.

Don't mess with Willy Wonka - Greg Gelpi

Two words: New Coke.

ELCA re-charged for state quarterfinals

By Anthony Rhoads

Rapper's arrest a bad omen for the summer - Justin Boron

The full impact of Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane's murder charge is still unclear. But I'm willing to forecast a dark emotional climate around metro Atlanta if Mane is ultimately indicted and incarcerated for a long, protracted murder trial. It would be a tremendous blow to the local rap scene, with sensational hits such as "Icy" and "Trap House" trapped in a box in that weird futuristic-looking compound that is the DeKalb County jail.

Bring on the robots - Bob Paslay

One of my greatest disappointments over the last two decades is the fact that we have not moved faster with robot technology.

Commuter rail forum stimulates debate

By Ed Brock

May 23, 2005

Ready for sheriff recall

Kendrick holds meeting for Hispanic families

By Greg Gelpi

Turning on the Summer HEAT

By Ed Brock

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May 23, 2005

Encountering the counter - Michael Davis

They divide their forces. Both with arms-full of cereal, fruit, various beverages and toiletries. The one in cargo pants and thong sandals sidesteps to her right, craning her neck over a middle-aged man with a basket half-filled with goat cheese é the other half with tofu.

The skin of my teeth - Rob Felt

It's been nearly an hour of this. My mouth is half open, very dry and laced with a tangy medicinal flavor. Glancing at my watch every 30 seconds doesn't seem to be making the time go any faster, but at this point it's the only form of entertainment I can focus on.

Library to get facelift

By Justin Boron

Final school budget hearing tonight

By Greg Gelpi