Letters to the Editor

Hotel owner working to improve conditions

As an owner of Knights Inn hotel in Norcross, I would like to bring the following to your kind attention in reference to the article ("Prostitution, drug sting leads to arrest of 25 tenants at local motel") that appeared in the newspaper May 18.

1. None of the 25 people arrested were tenants or renting a room as reported in your article. They are people that were loitering on the property.

2. Most of these people could have been kept away from my property if me and my security were not asked to stay in our office while the officers were conducting the sting operation.

3. I seriously believe that the number of arrests reported in the paper (400 since January) is inaccurate. Lots of improvements have been made to this property, including a 16-camera digital surveillance system, fencing all around the property, fencing the breezeways in between the buildings to discourage foot traffic, maintaining and adhering to the do-not-rent list, and having an armed security guard at night.

4. The statement that all the people that are not allowed at other hotels are ending up at Knights Inn is not true because since my meeting with the district attorney, I have started following the area hotels do-not-rent list.

In short, I bought this property six months back and inherited lots of the problems. I have been working diligently to keep this place safe for our guests and employees. I will not stop until those goals are realized. Most of the improvements requested by the district attorney have been already implemented, and business practices are being improved to eliminate all the criminal activity. The challenge is its structural layout with five one-story buildings right off the interstate spread over 4.2 acres. But with the help from the Police Department, I sincerely hope that I will be able to keep it free of all the criminal activity.

Thank you for being able to report my side of the story in your newspaper.

- Mahesh Nichani

owner, Knights Inn

School board made mistake firing teacher

This letter is being sent in protest of the recent action taken against Larry "Doc" Neace, who has been teaching at Dacula High School for 23 years and who was dismissed recently. The school board made a mistake when it fired Neace. Instead, it should have elected to dismiss the principal and assistant principal for their insisting that a student's grade be changed even though he had been sleeping during the class discussion. This young man was a football player.

The board's action has set a precedent that no matter what a student does during the class, he or she must be given the same grade as the students who stay awake and listen to the teacher's discussion.

Its action has made Gwinnett County the laughing stock of the entire South. According to its rules, if a teacher acts according to the standard rules of teaching, he or she may end up getting fired by an incompetent school board.

It is my hope and prayer that the state Superintendent of Education overrides your actions and reinstates Neace with full honors and closes this unfortunate incident in the history of Georgia.

- Daniel E. Walters