Another Clayton County school vandalized

By Ed Brock

Another Clayton County high school on the verge of graduation has been vandalized.

This time police arrested 10 people in connection with the incident at Mt. Zion High School. Meanwhile, Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said it may be next week before arrests are made in an incident of vandalism at Jonesboro High School that caused $7,000 in damage on Tuesday.

The following people were arrested early Thursday morning in connection with the Mt. Zion High School incident in which the locks on the school's doors were filled with caulking material.

David Adam Hankerson, 18, of Jonesboro.

Kashif Wingard, 18, of Morrow.

William Alan McRae, 18, of Morrow.

Jabari Nkosi Mzee, 18, of Morrow.

Charles T. Tucker, 18, of Jonesboro.

Christopher Maurice Wilson, 17, of Rex.

Cortez Hood, 18, of Riverdale.

Yaw Afari Dwamena III, 19, of Riverdale.

Yaw Afari Dwamena IV, 19, of Riverdale.

Aubry James Dorsey, 17, of Stockbridge.

All of the suspects are charged with loitering and prowling and interference with government property. Hankerson is also charged with obstruction of a police officer.

Around 3 a.m. Thursday a person flagged down Clayton County Police Officer Chris Williams in the parking lot of the Steak and Shake on Mt. Zion Parkway and told him that he had just seen two or three people dressed all in black hiding behind an electrical box in front of the school on Mt. Zion Boulevard, according to Williams' report.

Because of the incident at Jonesboro High School Williams went to investigate and saw three men walking from the area of the front doors to the school. When the men saw Williams' car they ran toward a nearby apartment complex.

Williams followed them in his patrol car into the parking lot of the Clayton County Schools Performing Arts Center where he got out of the car and ordered the men to stop. The men kept running but Williams was able to catch one whom he identified as Hankerson.

The two other men jumped the fence into Carrington Park Apartments. Williams returned to the school and found that the locks to the two front doors had been filled with adhesive caulk. About six other locks had also been filled.

The other suspects were arrested after they were found in the Carrington Park Apartments with white caulk and caulk guns on their persons as they were leaving the apartment complex.

In the Jonesboro incident somebody spray painted graffiti like "class of 05" and "seniors rule" around the school and vandalized and left dead possums in the cafeteria.

Also, on Wednesday afternoon somebody burglarized a storage facility at Morrow High School, taking baseballs, concessions and equipment. The incidents were not believed to be connected.