Charges dismissed in vandalism case

By Ed Brock

Charges have been dropped against 10 people arrested in connection with the vandalism of Mt. Zion High School.

Clayton County District Attorney Jewel Scott said she and Clayton County Solicitor General Leslie Miller Terry made a joint decision to dismiss the charges on Friday.

"The school system did not want to prosecute the kids because there was no damage," Scott said.

Clayton County Public Schools spokesman Charles White confirmed that the school did not want to press charges.

Early Thursday morning a Clayton County police officer, acting on a tip from a passerby that there were suspicious people at the school, went to the school on Mt. Zion Parkway and saw three suspects running from the school. The officer captured and arrested one of those suspects.

The officer returned to the school and found that the locks on several doors had been filled with caulking. The other nine were found in a nearby apartment complex with caulking guns in their possession or caulking material on their persons.