Rapper's arrest a bad omen for the summer - Justin Boron

The full impact of Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane's murder charge is still unclear. But I'm willing to forecast a dark emotional climate around metro Atlanta if Mane is ultimately indicted and incarcerated for a long, protracted murder trial. It would be a tremendous blow to the local rap scene, with sensational hits such as "Icy" and "Trap House" trapped in a box in that weird futuristic-looking compound that is the DeKalb County jail.

I don't even want to think about what consequences this has for the Atlanta Braves' fanbase or Andruw Jones, whose jersey Mane sports in his video for "Icy." Mane, for me at least, has become an icon for the Braves' gritty potential. Shortstop Rafael Furcal gave us a sneak peak at this with his two DUI arrests.

If and when the judge finally does bring the hammer down on Mane, I fear the public's reaction, which will most certainly be bitter despair. Painful reverberations may already be ruminating through the community bracing for a long hot summer, now, possibly with no Gucci.

I know when the thermometer gets above 90 degrees, a little "Icy" always cools things down.

Mane's attorney, Dennis Scheib of Atlanta, has said the shooting, resulting in the death of Henry Clark, was in self-defense and that Mane wasn't aware of any injuries stemming from the gunfight.

Whether there is any substance to the police's allegation, I guess a grand jury will decide.

But somehow, I think Gucci Mane may have seen this coming.

In addition to showcasing an assortment of gold and platinum chains laced with diamonds, Mane's video for "Icy" also has an eerie foreshadowing of a surreptitious showdown with the law.

After Gucci Mane gets off a private plane, the audience learns that some ambiguous government agency is surveilling him. The special agent in charge expresses his frustration about his agents' ability to dredge something up on Mane.

But the two operatives, Rico Jones and Carolyn Foster, say they are close to getting him.

Are the video's events just some fantasy from the warped mind of an up-and-coming rap star?

Or could Gucci Mane have known something was abreast?

Those are less questions for me or anyone else for that matter. I'm sure the only one with answers right now are the authorities.

The one person who probably could shed some light on this situation is "Unsolved Mysteries" host Robert Stack. But he is dead.

Justin Boron is the government reporter for the News Daily. His column appears Monday. He can be reached at 770-478-5753 or jboron@news-daily.com .