Letters to the editor

May 30, 2005

Upset with

management of Jonesboro

To the editor:

We are disgusted with the management of the city of Jonesboro. After receiving citations from the Code Enforcement Officer for not having a Robertson Sanitation Trash receptacle at an empty rental house and after having wasted two afternoons in City Court at considerable lost time and wages, not to mention considerable attorney fees, these citations were dismissed for lack of prosecution.

Obviously the city does not have any respect for its citizens of frivolous citations such as these would never be issued in the first place. Do we not have any competent management at city hall? It would certainly seems that we do not.

We do understand that the Code Enforcement Officer that issued these frivilous citations has been dismissed, but it is our contention that it was a bad hire in the first place. When are the citizens going to wake u and march on city hall and demand that City Manager Jon Walker be dismissed? The damage he has done to this city in a short period of time will take years to repair.

The mayor and council members stand idly by while he continues to run this city into the ground.

Where is their intestinal fortitude? Even council members are selling out and moving away. This, in itself, should be a warning to the rest of the citizens. If our own council members want to get out of town, there must be a problem somewhere and most of us know wherein the problem lies. It is with Jon Walker.

It is time to we took control of our own destiny and retake our city. Please Mayor Day and council members get rid of Walker. You were presented with a petition asking for his dismissal but totally ignored the wishes of the people and refused to even bring it up for a vote. This is the most spineless bunch of elected officials we have even witnessed.

Clarence and

Sheron Mann


Waiting to see

conviction rates

To the editor:

Re: Sheriff responds to recent letter

My opinion is we owe thanks to Lee Scott for all his research of laws, the quoting from others and the time he devoted to the task of responding to all the articles intended for Victor Hill. I say this because I know my elected sheriff does not have the time himself being the crime rate is the highest it's ever been in this country.

I am curious also as to why Lee Scott saw fit to post his name and picture on street corners all over the county during election time but was not running for any office or position in the county.

Oh, by the way, the "old west" sheriff had lots of help with his job because every citizen packed a gun on their hip. Congratulations on the 150 arrests. I am looking forward to the conviction rate on these arrests.

Don't get in a "tinkling" contest with the citizens of this county. You have much more important things to do.

Mickie Campbello