Jonesboro may revamp city's definition of adult entertainment

By Ed Brock

By next week ,the city of Jonesboro may have a new definition of what constitutes adult entertainment.

Previously the only definition the city had in its ordinances was whether a certain business made more than 10 percent of its sales from adult entertainment items, like adult video tapes. Under a new ordinance, the Jonesboro City Council will consider on June 13 the definition will include any business that carries more than 10 square feet of floor space stocked with adult entertainment items.

It would also lower the sales percentage requirement to five percent and any business that ever advertises its products using the terms "adult" or "XXX" is an adult entertainment business.

And, if a business meets the new definition, the city can't prohibit their presence in the city, City Manager Jon Walker said.

"You can decide where they can be," Walker said.

The new ordinance will change that location from the city's commercial zones to its industrial zones.

New York Video on Tara Boulevard, known to offer adult entertainment material, may be in a commercial zone, manager Kyle Moncrief said. He didn't want to comment further on the proposed ordinance before consulting with his superiors.

"In the past, with other locations when they change the ordinance, typically we are grandfathered in, because we were there before the ordinance," Moncrief said.

One or two companies may be required to come into compliance if the new law is passed, Walker said, but he did not specify which stores.

According to the code the council enacted, the original Adult Entertainment Ordinance, Chapter 10, Article II in the city code, because the council had found that adult entertainment, especially live nude entertainment combined with alcohol sales, "begets criminal behavior and tends to create undesirable community conditions."

Walker said there are no current applications for a strip club to come to Jonesboro.

To date, the only establishment in Clayton County that offers live nude dancing is the Crazy Horse Saloon in Forest Park.

There have been "very few problems" with the Crazy Horse since it opened in the early 1990s.

Now the same company that owns the Crazy Horse, Mia Luna Inc., is planning to build a new club, Pink Pony South, on the property where the long-abandoned Airline Inn now stands.

The city issued a Land Disturbance Permit in early April, and the city's consulting engineers, Travis Pruitt & Associates, recently approved the civil plan for the three-phase project. Currently, the city's Planning, Building and Zoning Department is waiting for a full set of architectural plans to be reviewed by the city's fire marshal, and, once that is obtained, a building permit can be approved.

Pink Pony South, like the Crazy Horse, will be located inside the city's Sexually Oriented Business Overlay District. The SOBOD, approved in 1997, is bordered on the north by Interstate 285 and on the east by Interstate 75, extends down to Forest Parkway to parts of Old Dixie Highway and down to Penny Road in the south.