News for Saturday, May 7, 2005


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Two inmates from Henry remain loose

By Aisha I. Jefferson

Spring brings overpopulation, disease risks for pets

By Shannon Jenkins

Runaway from reality, responsibility - Greg Gelpi

The pressure, such tremendous pressure to walk down an aisle, say a couple of words and live happily ever after.

School systems work to retain teachers

By Greg Gelpi

Oscar Lewis Neundorfer Jr.

Oscar Lewis Neundorfer Jr. of Lake City

Activists call for justice

By Ed Brock

The test of a true mother - Chris Goltermann

My wife asked the strangest question the other day. And I have to admit, the words instantly set off some bells and whistles.

Cyclists, be my guest - Justin Boron

I was driving on a two-lane road and had somehow steered myself into the winding doldrums of cycling land. My car slowed to 20 mph, and I had little recourse against the group of bikers ahead of me.

Donald Lee Moore

Donald Lee Moore, age 81, of Stockbridge, Georgia died Friday May 6, 2005. Mr. Moore was a truck driver by profession and served in the United States Army during World War II.

Baseball hits a feverish pitch - Gerry Yandel

It was with considerable shock and joy that I logged in to find Yandel's Messiah in a tie for first place Saturday.

Bill Velasco

Bill Velasco, 84, of Stockbridge, Ga. died Sunday, May 1, 2005.

Encountering the counter - Michael Davis

They divide their forces. Both with arms-full of cereal, fruit, various beverages and toiletries. The one in cargo pants and thong sandals sidesteps to her right, craning her neck over a middle-aged man with a basket half-filled with goat cheese é the other half with tofu.

Have an opinion? Watch out for spit - Shannon Jenkins

You can't have an opinion these days without someone spitting in your face.

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CCSU women end tennis season

From staff reports

The skin of my teeth - Rob Felt

It's been nearly an hour of this. My mouth is half open, very dry and laced with a tangy medicinal flavor. Glancing at my watch every 30 seconds doesn't seem to be making the time go any faster, but at this point it's the only form of entertainment I can focus on.

To be or

not to be

On strange love and cannibals of the Caribbean - Ed Brock

Through the haze of my sleep-deprived mind, two topics have penetrated and insist on my answer.

Jail security reviewed as two inmates remain loose

By Aisha I. Jefferson

Slimy things over at the Fox News Channel - Bob Paslay

Credibility in journalism is key to surviving, and I am deeply concerned that some of the craziness going on over at the television news could eventually sink us all. To start with, a lot of people think what they see on television is journalism. On the local stations, that is true, and overall they seem to be doing a good job. But this Fox News has me worried.

Pets of the Week

Tom is a 2-year-old, black and white domestic medium-hair. He has been neutered and all vaccinations are current. Tom was surrendered when his former owner became too ill to care for him. He is a quiet, well-behaved cat. He gets along well with other cats, but does seem to prefer to be alone. For more information call the Clayton County Humane Society at (770) 471-9436. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.