Country music movie to be filmed at Tara Field

By Justin Boron

An MTV film starring country music singer Toby Keith will be shot at Tara Field in Hampton Thursday, according to an agreement between Clayton County and the film's production group.

The Board of Commissioners on Tuesday night approved a resolution allowing a film crew to use the county-owned airport for $1,000.

Although the location had been scouted earlier, county officials said they learned of the production group's desire to film at Tara Field location just a few days in advance.

Named after a John Prine song, “Angel From Montgomery” has been actively working in Atlanta since mid-October.

It is being directed by Steven Goldmann, who also has directed a documentary about Bruce Springsteen.

According to the Internet Movie Database, “Angel From Montgomery” tells the story of a “fading country music star” played by Keith. After returning to his hometown, he reunites with his childhood sweetheart and also meets his 16-year-old daughter for the first time, according to www.imdb.com. The movie also will feature actors and performers Kelly Preston, Burt Reynolds, and Willie Nelson.

Maida Morgan, the film's location manager, said Keith will not be present at the shoot.

Instead a 100-person crew will film a “military exercise in which army personnel are on a night training mission and doing an evacuation exercise,” according correspondence exchanged between the county and the film group.

During a night shoot, the film crew will be using special effects and smoke machines to simulate explosions.

One scene will include a historical aircraft from the Aviation Heritage Museum. They production crew also plans to film a “mud scene” with a four wheel drive truck, the letters say.

The filming will help create a moment at the beginning of the movie when eight soldiers return dead to their hometown in Tennessee.

No date is set for the film's release.