Judge restricts Hill in plaque, car case

By Justin Boron

A Superior Court judge has restricted what Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill can do to his fleet of cars and the county courthouse for which he provides security.

As part of a temporary restraining order, Superior Court Judge Matthew Simmons prevented Hill from making anymore modifications to the county courthouse or changes to his vehicles unless he requests it from the Board of Commissioners.

The order, which expires Nov. 28, is part of a dispute between Hill and the county commission that arose when Hill removed plaques from the county courthouse walls that displayed names of some of his political adversaries. Hill also re-painted his fleet of vehicles.

The plaques have been put back on walls in the Sheriff's Office.

But unresolved is the lawsuit the commission filed against Hill, in which it claims to have control over county property including the Harold R. Banke Justice Center.

The case was set for a hearing Friday last week but was continued. Hill's attorney, Mark Oldenburg, has asked Simmons to recuse himself. He has also asked for a full jury trial in the matter.