The IRS may owe you money

By Ed Brock

The Internal Revenue Service is looking for 75 current or former Clayton County residents, and in this case those citizens may want to be found.

It seems that the IRS owes them some money.

The 75 are people who, for one reason or another, have not collected their tax refunds that were sent out this year, refunds they may not even know are due to them.

“Our goal is to get these refunds back to their owners,” said IRS spokesman Eric Erickson.

The refunds total $67,372 and range from $1 to $6,005. The average refund is $898.

Throughout Georgia the IRS is looking for 2,546 taxpayers who are owed about $2.5 million.

Erickson said people often simply forget to leave a forwarding addresses with the IRS when they move. When that happens the check is simply returned to the IRS.

Hurricane Katrina has contributed to the problem.

“There are close to 2,000 taxpayers on the (national) list from Louisiana and Mississippi,” Erickson said.

Those hurricane evacuees can be anywhere.

There are several ways to find out about missing refunds.

“A great way for taxpayers to find out if they've missed a refund is to visit IRS.gov.” Erickson said.

On the IRS.gov Web site go to the “Where's My Refund” menu, enter a Social Security number, filing status and the refund amount on the 2004 tax return. For Hurricane Katrina victims the IRS will expedite research into undelivered payments that are still outstanding. The hurricane victims can call a special number, 1-866-562-5227.

Taxpayers who move can update their address on the Web site by filing a Form 8822. For those without Internet access they can order the form by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676.) They can also check on their refund by calling 1-800-829-1040.

Erickson also urged taxpayers to sign up for direct deposit.

At AAA Income Tax Service in Jonesboro, Jack Bruce said now is the time to start getting the records together so they can file early.

He'll start filing returns in mid-January, as soon as the W-2 forms are mailed out.

“I can't file without a W-2,” Bruce said.

CLAYTON COUNTY residents on the list


Price, Patricia D.

Hughes, Janet M.

Gomez, Luis & Patricia Zebadua Jose

Rameau, Hector & Maria, Boggs, Reggie

Epps, Uvetta Yvonne d

Young, Christopher E

Gomez, Luis l & P Zebadua Jose

Bloom, Esperanza D

Roland, George

Perdomo-Alvarez, Jacqueline B

Odems, Lanekra D

Hall, Samuel

Francis, Tameika

Watkins, Harry D & Vickie E

Allen, Donal

Railley, Ronda

Shokes, Ursula

Millsaps, Sabrina D

Lyons, Elaine

Mason, Priscilla

Williams, Terrance R

Hand, Toleya B

Ward, Jermaine l



White, Monroe

Labra, Rodrigo & Lorena Ortiz

Ramirez, Jose & Johanna Hernandez

Thornton, Greg

Jones, Robert

Height, April S

Turk, Turf l

Turk, Nicole A

Young, Glenda A


Epperson, David

Jackson, Betty D

Allen, Timothy

Vega-Martinez, Raul

Igbinovia, Henry

Jackson, Tommy

Federico, Witerbo A & Catherine M


Smith, Tiffany C

Corona, Martin S

Oderinde, Gbenga D

Lester, Melvin l

Sukhu, Thomas

Farrell, Norman A

Johnson, Calvin

Ross, Dwight

Rangaswamy, Senthamarai K

Ramirez, David

Davis, Roderick

Clark, Michael

Young, Nicole

Wilcox, Fabian

Franks, Quinton B

Kamara, Abdul K Sr.

Walker, Robert C

Everett, Warren K Jr.

Barberholmes, Larance G

Ward, Kermit D

Morgan, Bernard


Mitchell, Cherise l

Howard, Gary E

Hicks, Kendrick B


Portillo, Miguel

Vazquez-Alvarado, F.J. and E.M. Vazquez

Sengnalyvong, Pathoumthong

Bustamante, Rusby and Elizabeth Reyna

Cook, Richard

Henry, Dewayne

Rodney, Harry & Sonia C

Vega-Govea, Jose G

Hall, Vincent

Magana, Juan Carlos