Crews finishing up paving

By Justin Boron

One Jonesboro neighborhood will have some smoother roads to drive on by Thanksgiving just before the time transportation officials say all paving will end for the season.

On the south side of the city, Cloud Street, Burnside Streets, Evenview Circle and Evenview Drive will be paved before the holidays are finished. The pavings are part of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax program that includes about 1,600 roads divided between the four commission districts.

Last year, the county knocked out about 15 percent of the roads planned for repaving in the SPLOST.

But this year under public pressure, the county commission decided to slow the road projects, focusing instead on the $40 million recreation portion of the SPLOST.

About mid-year, the county commission approved $10 million worth of millings and repavings.

The streets are being paved by three different companies, C.W. Matthews, APAC, and E.R. Snell.

Crews this week were busy filling holes and patching cracks on the road, lining the streets with equipment.

Transportation officials said construction crews could get to Fayetteville Road by the end of the year if weather permits. But the set of projects will likely be the last ones to go before winter sets in.

How long construction continues will depend on the temperature, said Wayne Patterson, the director of transportation.

He said asphalt becomes extremely hard to pour once daytime temperatures drop below 50 degrees.

Paving will pick back up again sometime next spring.