Letters to the Editor

Library should find better solution than selling all its DVDs Is not the purpose of the library to serve the patrons within the county?

I was horrified to see the loss rates of DVDs and the so-called solution offered by the library leadership ("Library delays decision to sell off DVDs," Page 1A, Oct. 19).

As a faithful patron of the Gwinnett County library system, I feel there has to be a better solution than selling off the DVDs at what I am sure is a fraction of what they were acquired for.

How much money was lost by unprotected DVDs walking through the doors? How much was spent on this system that leaves materials unprotected? Other libraries I have visited have strips that protect their citizens' collections, and the materials are out in the open as well.

The leadership needs to revisit the policies and protection of our materials or we should revisit our leadership.

- Wes Patterson