Ashley goes one dubious statement too far - Ed Brock

Somebody take me hostage, please.

It seems to be working out so well for Ashley Smith, a young lady for whom my sympathy is wearing thin.

Something seemed fishy about the situation right from the get go. Why would a man who had just killed a judge, two law enforcement officers and a woman take a total stranger hostage and then repent?

At first, of course, it was supposed to be literally a miracle straight from heaven. No doubt there were a lot of people who found inspiration in Smith's story that Brian Nichols surrendered after spending the evening reading “A Purpose Driven Life” with her.

And no doubt that inspiration dissolved in the muck of Smith's admission in her book that, in fact, she had given Nichols meth. A little ice for his pain, I suppose.

But now I learn that Smith also claims she never used the drug with Nichols. I learned that from an interview on TV with a friend of Nichols who was passing on a statement from Nichols that he knew Smith before the courthouse shootings occurred.

This of course is not surprising for many of us. It would answer a lot of questions.

However, according to police investigators there was no evidence of a connection between the two, and there is some doubt regarding the veracity of Nichols' friend.

OK, so maybe they didn't know each other before that night. I'll give you that, even though Smith is an admitted drug addict who, since she was in possession of drugs at the time Nichols took her hostage she was clearly still using.

Drug addicts move in circles often untraceable by regular investigations, but I'll say no more about that.

However, all this nonsense about how she gave him the drugs but didn't smoke any is like a thumb being jammed into my cynical “Full of It” button.

“I didn't want to stand before God having put a bunch of ice up my nose,” she said, or something to that effect.

And then she says she tried to talk him out of using the drugs she just offered him, telling him how much they had ruined her life.

And she hasn't touched them since.

Yeah, right! Let me tell you people something, I've known a few junkies in my time, and I've learned one or two things about them.

Number one, they are always sorry that they're junkies. They know full well how bad it is for them, but they do it anyway.

They do it no matter what. Even if they are in mortal fear, they will do the drugs they have.

But this whole thing will sort itself out in time. Perhaps I'm wrong about young Ms. Smith. Maybe she is pulling her life together and, since she is a mother, I sincerely hope that's the case.

I just doubt it very, very much. Call me a mean old cynic, but by next year Smith will slip up, and chances are she'll never do much better.

That's just the way it works. I hope I'm wrong, but somehow I just don't think so.

Finally, a side note on me being wrong. Last week I mistakenly implied that Winston Churchill had said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” It was, in fact, FDR who said that and one reader called me on it.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Ed Brock covers public safety and municipal governments for the News Daily. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753 ext. 254 or at ebrock@news-daily.com .