Maddox thanks voters for support

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the voters of Jonesboro for their outstanding show of support for my views on the way that Jonesboro needs to enter the future.

You the people have shown the elected officials of Jonesboro that you are not satisfied with the way they are representing you and your views for the future. They may understand now that we need to govern for the citizens that are here now and not some future rider of the supposed commuter rail. We will move slowly to revitalize downtown on a “pay as we go” plan.

I did not and will not stoop to name calling or send out unsigned material attacking other candidates. Everything that I mailed to you had my name and phone number. I only stated the issues and my thoughts on the way that things had been handled in the past. I attached my phone number because I want to hear from you. I am elected to represent you and your views, not some personal agenda.

I wish that I could thank each of you personally for the confidence that you have shown in me. I promise that you will not ever think that you have made a mistake again with your vote.

With the election over and the voice of the people heard maybe now City Hall has the message and we can come together and return our city to its rightful place as the most favored “small town” in which to live.

Luther Maddox


Thank you to Jonesboro voters

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to all the concerned citizens of Jonesboro who turned out in yesterday's election. I would like to express my sincere heartfelt thanks to Luther Maddox, Clarence Mann, Rick Yonce and Bobby Wiggins for caring enough about this city to step forward and absorb all the lies, muck, and innuendo that was directed toward them during this campaign, and to do so with so much grace and dignity.

Further, I would like to say thank you to Joannie Jones, the Jonesboro City Clerk and Elections Superintendent for all the help and advice she afforded us during this campaign. She treated us with the utmost of respect and went out of her way to make sure we were always in compliance with the election laws and were not breaking any of the many rules pertaining to an election. Sometimes, I am sure she went above and beyond her normal required duties to assist us and for this I will always be grateful. She is a great asset to city hall. All of Jonesboro should be proud that we have someone with her integrity overseeing the elections in Jonesboro.

The citizens of Jonesboro have spoken and it is time for our elected politicians to begin to heed their wishes. Good governing can only be accomplished with the consent of the governed. That being said, it is time for Jonesboro to move forward and for all animosity and hard feelings to be put aside and to do what is best for the people of Jonesboro.

One more point I would like to make is that this election was not about a single issue. While the disbanding of the Volunteer Fire Department may have been the catalyst that united the people, there have always been bigger and more important issues that the people were concerned about. It started with the moving of the courthouse from downtown Jonesboro and grew as more services were lost and increased taxation began to occur. The citizenry as a whole grew disenchanted with the current administration and began to realize that their vision of what they wanted Jonesboro to be was miles apart from that of the current administration. Thus, the demands for change.

Individuals and small groups are not bigger than a city but the turnout at the polls was a significant number of the voters in Jonesboro and they voted overwhelming for change. This alone should make the Mayor aware of the feeling of disenfranchisement that so many citizens feel from the current administration. They will no longer be ignored. They have chosen the democratic process to right this wrong. Thank God for them.