Runoff elections in Forest Park set for Dec. 6

By Ed Brock

Forest Park will have two runoff elections next month.

On Dec. 6 incumbent Mayor Chuck Hall will once again face former City Councilwoman Corine Deyton to decide the mayoral race. Also, history lecturer Frank Brandon will try again to unseat incumbent Ward 2 Councilwoman Debbie Youmans after the two ended up in a tie Tuesday night.

As the polls closed Youmans and Brandon each had 113 votes and originally there was some question over whether three absentee ballots that still have not been received would tip the balance one way or another. That is not the case, said Leon Beeler Forest Park election superintendent.

“None of the ballots are from that ward so that tie will stand,” Beeler said.

Of the three candidates for Mayor, Hall took 451 votes and Deyton earned 365. The third candidate, Darnell Moorer, ended up with 330 votes and now Hall and Deyton are waiting to see who he will support.

Moorer said on Wednesday that he was still considering both candidates.

According to the city charter the candidates need at least 50 percent plus one vote to win a primary election, Beeler said.

Sparkle Adams defeated her two opponents, incumbent Henry Estes and Crazy Horse Saloon manager David Rashmir to become the next councilwoman for Ward 1 and the city's first black female council member.

Beeler said he should have the vote certified by Friday and there will also be a recount.

“In order to do the consolidation we will recount everything,” Beeler said.