Clayton County Schools donate $40,000 to American Red Cross

By Jeffery Whitfield

The Clayton County School System gave the American Red Cross an early Christmas gift this year.

A total of more than $40,000 was raised by Clayton County Public Schools and donated to the American Red Cross last week. School officials presented a check for $39,000 to American Red Cross officials last week for Hurricane relief efforts at the Clayton County Board of Education's meeting. Funds were raised by faculty members from several schools as well as students. A total of 12 different schools donated over $1,000.

“I'm really proud of all the schools,” said Clayton County School Board Chair Ericka Davis. “I'm proud of North Clayton High School, which donated the most money. With all of the bad press about kids in general, like those with guns, I think what this shows is that this is not the majority of Clayton County schools . What it says is that the majority of students care about their fellow man.”

Rubin Brown, a representative from the American Red Cross in Clayton County, said the donation was crucial in helping the organization's efforts.

“Hurricane Katrina impacted 90,000 square miles - the size of New Hampshire,” said Rubin Brown, a representative of the Clayton County chapter of the American Red Cross. “Invariably, the Red Cross is there to provide food for the hungry and water for the thirsty.”

Charles White, a Clayton County Public Schools spokesperson, said schools have began fund-raising efforts for hurricane relief about a week after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in August.

“Every school in the district contributed,” he said. There are 57 public schools in Clayton County.