Letters to the Editor

Let's celebrate all who served our country this Veterans Day

On America's 75th annual Veterans Day, let us honor our finest sons and daughters who have served, are serving and will serve in our Armed Forces by remembering the words of President Reagan: "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It must be fought for, protected and handed on."

As a combat wounded Vietnam veteran and eighth-generation Army, I honor my 19-year-old son's generation, as he is the ninth-generation Army, with one tour in Iraq and headed to Afghanistan.

Freedom isn't free - our Armed Forces, producing veterans, paid for it. Their families sacrificed much while our sons and daughters trained to protect our freedoms and then served in harm's way to ensure them. Our all-volunteer military proves that Reagan's words live on.

On this Veterans Day, let us not dwell on body counts and casualties, but let us honor all sacrifices by America's finest sons and daughters past, present and future. Say thank you to all veterans year round.

- Tommy Clack


Voters may not be happy with new stormwater fee

After some two years of discussion, the county commission has decided that in addition to charging homeowners for water piped into their homes, homeowners should also pay for water running off their homes. Get 'em coming and going.

One would think that after kicking the problem of water runoff around for two years the commission would have also thought to include stormwater runoff impact fees on developers and builders. After all, they profit mightily while being the direct cause of this problem. A reasonable contribution on their part would be the first 15 years of such fees payable up front at time of construction. The only drawback might be a reduction in the primary source of campaign contributions to our commissioners.

In fairness, one commissioner, Mike Beaudreau, wanted to delay voting on this "fee" so other alternatives could be explored but the rest had no doubts about what they wanted to do.

Some in the Gwinnett County government have indicated they feel no voter backlash will occur. I have a feeling that will prove otherwise when voters start parting with their money although Gwinnett will probably be clever enough to hide these fees in property tax notices.

- Jay Wagner

Stone Mountain

Government again encroaching on rights of property owners

Taking my property through the eminent domain law is OK, if it's to maintain homeland security or to provide access for emergency. But don't take my property to create a park, recreation area or flower garden.

Having recently taken notice of an effort by the Norcross City Council to "condemn" a privately owned parking lot having just enough parking spaces to accommodate clients behind the building at 39 Peachtree St. in Norcross, I feel that the government is again encroaching upon our rights as citizens who pay "our dues" in the form of taxes.

If this proposition is concluded in the manner the council indicates, a 20-year-old business will suffer a loss of customers due to inaccessibility. Who will gain?

Is it possible that the only "gain" will be perceived by those in the council, who will look back and call attention to their great achievement in beautifying Norcross? The property they discuss is behind a row of office and commercial buildings. Who will see or visit this garden? Who really cares other than those who promulgate this issue for their own benefit?

Stop the insanity and elect others who truly wish to help this city prosper!

- Wade Parks