News for Tuesday, November 15, 2005


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Winding through Halloween fright - Rob Felt

As we crept around the first corner in the house, peering sideways back and forth, a giant skull-eating beast emerged from its lair and shook its giant arms at us angrily.

Hey, my cop's bigger than your cop - Bob Paslay

Every morning on the way to work I cut through the little town of Hapeville as I make my way from Atlanta along the old U.S. 19/41 and every day I get stopped along with other motorists in front and behind me by a man who is wearing a bright “police” jacket and has a whistle. He holds up our cars with the authority of a policeman as he lets cars in and out of the parking lot of a private business, the original Dwarf House restaurant that sparked the Chick-fil-A chicken empire.

Unhappy holidays again - Ed Brock

I could almost boycott Wal-Mart now.

Franken candidacy good for C-Span - Michael Davis

When comedian and radio talk show host Al Franken said he might take a stab at running for the U.S. Senate from his home state of Minnesota, I was a little taken aback.

Where is winter? - Justin Boron

A couple of weeks ago, I shut my windows tight, threw an extra blanket on the bed, and even went a few days where the temperature held me under the covers or in the shower for a little longer than usual.

On being all grown up - Heather Middleton

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember your little sister and brother have grown up just as you have and they don't need 'mothering' anymore.

Letters to the Editor

Government should be held accountable for actions in Iraq

As this year winds down, America finds itself gripped in an ongoing enigma that seems impossible to solve. There are enough mixed signals coming our way from Washington regarding the war in Iraq to keep us in a constant state of confusion, resentment and helplessness. While it is a generally accepted fact that the initial reason given for invading Iraq, the possession of weapons of mass destruction, turned out to be untrue, we are nevertheless expected to support the decision to go to war.

Commission to consider zoning moratorium

By Justin Boron

Pets of the Week

November 3, 2005

Deadlines approach to mail holiday gifts

By Jeffery Whitfield

Burnt food blamed in Forest Park fire

By Ed Brock

Argument leads to stabbing

By Ed Brock

Letter to the Editor

November 14, 2005

Morrow's Greenleaf signs with Auburn

By Brian Howard

OSHA cites local construction company

By Justin Boron

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Shootings believed to be gang related

By Ed Brock

Slating awards for less than deserving drivers - Jeffery Whitfield

Nothing creeps up faster than headlights bearing down upon the rear bumper of your car in the nighttime air.