Are you sick of T.O.? - Brian Howard

Normally, I wouldn't take time to reflect on something that happened more than a week ago. But this time I needed to take it all in and figure some things out.

In watching last week's press conference by Terrell Owens, I couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for this guy. I mean he gave a sincere apology and yet, the Philadelphia Eagles still didn't take him back.

More impressively, Owens had to read his apology. Nice move T.O. I mean, when someone decides to offer a sincere apology, normally it's without a written statement and is heartfelt.

I don't feel sorry that the Eagles didn't take him back. I wouldn't. He is and always will be a good receiver with a poor attitude. He showed why San Francisco wasn't the right spot and his short-lived time in Baltimore as well.

Sure he'll end up wearing another uniform and making money, but it won't be in Philadelphia and it won't be another big contract.

Some can argue he fought to get back in time for the Super Bowl from a knee injury last season, but really, can we accept a sincere apology from someone that couldn't speak from the heart and had to have a written statement?

Absolutely not and that's why Owens' agent Drew "Next question" Rosenhaus was there to deflect numerous questions.

This guy makes Bobby Knight look normal.

Rosenhaus, who rescued a little boy who sank to the bottom of a swimming pool in July, looked more like an infant in the press conference.

When Rosenhaus said, "Terrell gave Philadelphia an apology and obviously it wasn't good enough. That's unfortunate," I almost lost it. You mean to tell me that T.O. gave an apology and despite everything Andy Reid and the Eagles organization has done, they still won't accept it.

The Eagles organization fired back just an hour after the press conference by stating that T.O. will remain suspended. How is that for someone that can't speak from the heart?

Bold move: Like it or not, Georgia could win the SEC East with a win Saturday against Kentucky. But the Bulldogs could have been crowned champs had they beaten Auburn at home over the weekend.

Perhaps starting the fire Mark Richt Web site would be too harsh. To set the stage, Georgia had Auburn where they wanted them, 30-28 with less than three minutes to play.

The Tigers couldn't get much going and were forced into a 4th-and-10 situation in their own territory. After a timeout, Auburn quarterback Brandon Cox connected with Devin Aromashodu for a big gain. Despite fumbling the ball at the Bulldogs' five, Auburn took its time and kicked the game-winning field goal to beat Georgia.

Is there any coach or person in the world that would have played that soft of coverage on fourth down? The play-calling by the coaching staff was a joke.

Big Props: Steve Spurrier for getting South Carolina into SEC title contention. Beating Tennessee was big, but even bigger was Saturday's victory over Florida. Hate to say it, but the 'Ol Ball Coach is back.

Weekend matchup: Ohio State travels to Michigan this weekend and as usual, a lot is riding on this game. If Penn State should fall to Michigan State, and Ohio State beats Michigan, the Buckeyes would win the Big Ten.

Nothing surprises me when these two teams tangle. Ohio State has scored 40 or more points in four straight games. Surprising since they couldn't get into the end zone against Texas.

(Brian Howard writes sports for the Daily. He can be reached at: bhoward@news-daily.com )