Moorer supports Deyton in Forest Park

By Ed Brock

Former Forest Park mayoral candidate Darnell Moorer is asking his supporters to vote for the second challenger in next month's runoff election for mayor.

Moorer finished third in last week's election behind former City Councilwoman Corine Deyton and incumbent Mayor Chuck Hall. On Tuesday Moorer announced that he had talked to both candidates and is endorsing Deyton.

“After 12 years our city is due for some new ideas,” Moorer said.

Moorer took 330 votes in the election. Deyton received 365 votes. Hall, who received 451 votes, seemed to shrug off the loss of Moorer's endorsement.

“I just have to do my race and go on,” Hall said.

The runoffs will be Dec. 6 and will include a second election for Ward 2 on the city council in which incumbent Councilwoman Debbie Youmans will again face history lecturer Frank Brandon. Both of them walked away with 113 votes in the primary elections.

After the discussions with Deyton and Hall, Moorer said, he decided to support Deyton because she told him her goals and then said she needed his help. He also said that any time a three-time incumbent mayor runs for re-election and majority of residents vote against him “that is a loud message.”

Moorer said he thinks Deyton will listen to what the citizens have to say and will actually act on that.

“If she ever uses the statement ‘The people have spoken' she will honor that statement,” Moorer said.

During the campaign Deyton often referred to Hall making that same statement, during a public hearing on privatizing the city's garbage pickup. During that meeting the people in attendance conducted a poll that showed most of them opposed contracting with a private company for the service and in response Hall said “the people have spoken.”

Deyton said Tuesday that she was grateful for Moorer's support.

“He and I share a lot of the same ideas,” Deyton said. “We want this city returned to the citizens.”