Clayton teacher having sex with teen resigns

By Jeffery Whitfield

A Clayton County teacher has been charged with having sex with a 17-year-old boy has resigned from the school system.

But a spokesman for the school system, Charles White, said Thursday school officials performed mandatory state and federal background checks before hiring the teacher. Nothing showed up on her record.

We're doing what we're supposed to be doing,” he said, adding that job candidates' references also are checked before they are hired.

Criminal background checks with the GBI and FBI are required when teachers are hired in public schools in Georgia.

“That's the standard,” White said.

Former Mundy's Mill High School math teacher Amira Sa'Di, 30, resigned from the school system after being charged with sexual assault by Clayton County Police.

Sa'Di had been having an “intimate relationship” with a 17-year-old student at Mundy's Mill High School that she met in July at a family reunion, according to police reports.

The name of the teenager is not being published because he is an alleged victim of sexual assault.

The teenager spent the night at Sa'Di's house. His brother, who lives out of state, was also there.

The teenager said “Sa'Di never gave him money but provided transportation for him to go to and from certain destinations,” police reports said.

Authorities were notified of the encounters after a five-page letter from the teacher to the student was found by the teen's mother and shown to police.

After seeing the letter, which indicated that Sa'Di was intent on pursing a relationship with the teen, police interviewed him.

But the letter was signed “Amira” and did not include her last name. The teen gave police the teacher's full name during the interview.

According to reports, police asked the teen “'Did you have sexual intercourse with her (Sa'Di)?' Bell was uncomfortable at first and then stated ‘Yes.'” Police then asked the teen how many times he had sex with Sa'Di and the teen said “'Twice, once orally and once sexual intercourse.'”

Police then asked the teen where the acts occurred and he said it happened “in her car in front of an abandoned house (new construction) in his subdivision,” reports said.

The teenager said he began the sexual encounters with Sa'Di after she began tutoring one of his friends, according to reports.

Sa'Di asked the student she was tutoring if he would call the teen and ask him to come over to her house.

After conducting an investigation, police informed Mundy's Mill High School Principal Anthony Smith of the allegations. Smith asked for and received Sa'Di's resignation that day.

Sa'Di said she didn't think anything was wrong with her relationship because based on Internet research she did, the teenager was 17 and the age of consent in Georgia is 16. She was released on bond.

Sa'Di was charged with assault because the teenager was in her custody.

Sa'Di is the second employee in recent months to be dismissed for sex-related charges.

In October, former Clayton County bus driver Mohammed Bolton, 31, was arrested after a child sex sting operation by Peachtree City police. The McDonough resident was charged with violating the computer pornography and child exploitation act.