Resident doing his best to clean up the county's reputation

By Ed Brock

Dave Murphy had done all he could to get the county to pick up the trash on Berry Road, but it didn't get done.

“I saw more and more litter accumulating,” Murphy said. “I said enough is enough.”

So he did it himself, or rather he hired a company to do the job. Then he sent the $30 bill to the county.

Not that he was actually expecting to get paid.

“I'm just wanting for at least some kind of response,” Murphy said.

Murphy, president of the Spivey Cove Homeowners Association, is a 44-year-old Air Force veteran who likes to get things done. He's lived in Spivey Cove subdivision, which is on Berry Road near Stockbridge, since 1996 and in Clayton County since 1988.

“This is a good neighborhood. I'm really proud of what we've done,” Murphy said.

As president, Murphy helped get benches to place on the streets around the neighborhood.

“It helps the community to sit down and talk,” Murphy said.

He's also gotten street signs and no littering signs for the neighborhood. And his desire to improve things extends beyond Spivey Cove, said association member Don Brand.

“Dave is very passionate about trying to build the reputation of Clayton County,” Brand said.

That's why it's so frustrating when Murphy gets no backing from the county, Brand said.

Murphy said he's also tried unsuccessfully to get a neighborhood watch program started in his neighborhood but twice the police have not come out to help with the initial meeting.

He wants more police patrols in the neighborhood and he has a “Crime Watch” section on the association's Web site, www.spiveycove.org, that provides members with some information about crimes around the county.

He also wishes there was a better system for communicating with county government officials by e-mail.

“That gives the citizens a record of accountability,” Murphy said.

Murphy also thinks the county commission meetings should be broadcast on the county's television station.

Charles Worthy, a past president of the association, said he thinks Murphy should run for political office or get on a committee.

“He is a pusher and a shover. He is a person who gets things done,” Worthy said.

Previously Murphy did manage to get the county to cut down the weeds on Berry Road, but his e-mailed bill apparently is not getting the attention he had hoped.

According to Eddie Williams, the county's director of community development, the code enforcement officer to whom he sent the e-mail said she didn't receive it.

“It wouldn't have done any good for him to send it here, anyway,” Williams said.

Murphy said he will try again.