Where is winter? - Justin Boron

A couple of weeks ago, I shut my windows tight, threw an extra blanket on the bed, and even went a few days where the temperature held me under the covers or in the shower for a little longer than usual.

It only seemed natural.

I also opened the closet and reached for the P-Coat that for me, has become the final sign of winter's arrival. Once the coat comes out, there is no turning back until at least March. All there is to do is bear down, grit my teeth, and fight through the bitterness of winter.

But I stopped short waking my winter coat from its summer slumber, thinking it might still be too early.

My hesitation proved correct.

This weekend felt almost like spring.

Dressed only in gym shorts and short sleeves, people were running on my street beneath yellowing tree leaves. I walked to the store without even the tinge of cool weather. I ate ice cream, which I only usually do during the hottest days of summer. And so far this season, I haven't even seen my breath.

The trees even seem to be hesitating. Acorns began to fall a few weeks ago, then started to hold tight to the branches from which they hang. Outside my window, one tree looked just as ready as I was for winter. Its leaves started to yellow but now it looks to have given a reprieve to the kids in whose yard it grows.

With people pulling rakes out and quickly putting them back, and so many unsure of whether to fire up the furnace, what is it going to take for nature to shake off its ambivalence and commit to winter.

Right now, its indecision is depriving us all of our winter rights. The scenster/hipsters in the city is dying to put their cold weather accouterments to work – the quirky looking hats, the leather jackets, and gloves. Meanwhile, parents of grade schoolers must be getting tired of listening to requests from their children to break out the winter garb – the favorite jacket,

I would like to start wearing long sleeve shirts without having to roll up the cuffs around mid-day.

I'm starting to consider flouting the weather. I'll wear the jacket regardless of the temperature. I won't let it take away my extra time under blankets in the morning. I may even have to turn the A/C down and simulate winter in my apartment.

Who is weather to dictate my winter habits. I won't let the mercury's resistance to dropping below 50 take away what is usually winter's imagery.

Justin Boron is the government reporter for the News Daily. His column appears Monday. He can be reached at 770-478-5753 x 281 or jboron@news-daily.com .