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Astros stadium no better than mini-golf course - Justin Boron

I should have written this column a long time ago. Others have commented on the topic. And I have always felt this way. But I've only said it in the paper now – Minute Maid Park is the most absurd baseball field in the world.

Ashley goes one dubious statement too far - Ed Brock

Somebody take me hostage, please.

A baseball fan for life - Jeffery Whitfield

Think it feels like fall yet? Christmas wreaths are cropping up in department stores, cool weather is creeping ever closer to our doorsteps and college football is churning toward its final games.

Halloween and going as-is - Michael Davis

The leaves are crunchy. The air is crisp. My toes are cold and when I wake up in the morning I don't want to crawl out from under the covers.

Now we're cooking or at least eating - Bob Paslay

I love food. When I am not eating it, I am thinking about it or talking about it. My friend and colleague Ruth Ann and I engaged in a brief conversation the other day, sparked by a press release about a company that is now marketing instant mashed potatoes with flecks of red potato skins in them to make it appear that mom slaved over a stove for you.

Commission to break ground on Riverdale center

By Justin Boron

Are Georgia's Gas Prices Finally Sliding back to normal?

By Jeffery Whitfield

The IRS may owe you money

By Ed Brock

The Daylight Saving nightmare - Rob Felt

This column originally appeared in the Daily Herald and the News Daily on October 23, 2003. Desperate to muse about the oncoming sun-drain that will sicken us this weekend, I decided that to write anything new would just be ripping myself off. I've made only a few minor changes, including that date that all this madness will end on.

Country music movie to be filmed at Tara Field

By Justin Boron

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Pets of the Week

October 27, 2005

Judge restricts Hill in plaque, car case

By Justin Boron

Players put differences aside for one goal

By Brian Howard

Jonesboro women recall being featured on reality-based show

By Jeffery Whitfield


November 2, 2005

Letters to the Editor

October 31, 2205

Pile-up delays traffic

By Ed Brock

Police stop theft of guns

By Ed Brock