Tree crushes car on I-75

By Paul Frysh

A tree along Interstate 75 fell into the roadway Tuesday morning, tangling with two cars headed south bound.

Gonzalo Gonzalez was driving south on Interstate 75 at about 9:30 a.m. when the tree slammed into the windshield of his Ford SUV.

“I saw the tree leaning over and I was right behind a tractor trailer...the trailer barely knocked it and I was right behind the truck, so it fell on me,” Gonzalez said. He said he was shaken, but otherwise fine.

His truck was not as lucky. The truck's windshield was shattered, a mirror broken and the car hood and door dented.

John Power, 63, was a few cars behind Gonzalez when the tree fell across the entire far right lane of I-75 south.

“A car in front of me swerved out of the way and there the tree was,” said Power, who was on his way to Albany, Ga. to get married.

Large branches shattered the windshield of Power's blue Buick sedan as it collided with the tree, but stopped short of breaking through the glass. “If those branches had come through, I'd have been a dead man,” said Power, shaking his head.

Power, who walks with a cane, had complained of chest pains at the scene but was subsequently cleared as OK by paramedics.

Chris Taylor of the Georgia Department of Transportation attributed the mishap to the weather. “I guess there was a lot of rain and a lot of wind and the wind tipped over that old oak,” said Taylor. “I'm just glad everyone is all right.”