Letters to the Editor

School taxes not equitable for those with no children

County, city, state and federal agencies operating under government monies, paid by the citizens of the U.S.A. should be held liable for the blatant abuse of our human civil and constitutional rights.

By knowingly allowing county or other government to force its citizens to pay for someone else child's education in the form of taxes or otherwise. Under the constitution we are guaranteed representation for taxation.

Nowhere is it said we can be forced through loss of our property to pay for someone else child's education. Seems to be a lack of representation.

Especially after we turn 65 and have taken care of our own all these years and now have a hard enough time supporting ourselves. How can this not be a violation of our rights?

These governments should be held liable for these acts.

For example: John Doe makes over $3,000 a month and has six kids but because he rents he pays no school tax.

I'm retired, partially disabled and on a set income of $1,300 a month. My reward for all the assistance I gave my government and for owning my own home is to be forced to pay $100 out of my $1,300 to pay for someone else's childs education.

Although I have none of my own in school.

And, especially be aware if you're represented like I am in Barrow County. I was told my city tax was locked in for at least the next 10 years yet mysteriously my property portion was raised 200 percent this year alone. This is on useless property that is in a flood area and floods out when it rains hard.

This raised my taxes almost another $300. Fixed incomes can't take much of this. Yes, these are the same representatives who allowed some fat cats to get fatter to the tune of almost half a million dollars in the name of religion supposedly. Is this taxation or actually extortion?

It seems Al Capone got away with something similar for a good while before he finally went to prison. I'm sure if I forced someone to give me money by threatening to take something from them if they didn't, I would be in jail.

-- John Mazarous