Letters to the Editor

Who defines your views on Iraq?

As polls indicate, the majority of Americans are now opposed to the war in Iraq. They can't seem to come to grips with the cost of the war in terms of lives lost, dollars spent, and outcomes to date that do not meet their expectations.

I feel certain that the feelings of most Americans on Sept. 11, 2001 were that the cost of victory over terrorism might cost more than the 2,000+ lives lost to date.

Perhaps they didn't envision the $ 200 billion, but then considering the cost is $742 per American person to date this might not seem so costly either.

So why are Americans so against the war now?

The far left, the mainstream media and liberal politicians have been beating the drums of defeatism from the beginning.

Their agenda has little to do with war and everything to do with politics.

The fact is Americans have allowed these groups to define what is acceptable in terms of the cost of the war, and what defines victory and defeat.

Since our President and his cabinet fail to take the time necessary to define the cost of defeat, the left defines for us the cost of victory.

The White House is confident of victory and silent; the left is confident of defeat and loud. Who do you think gets the grease?

The President and his cabinet are fighting back now - thank God. Too bad they'er still having to fight about why we are at war instead of why we need to win it.

To be sure only positive results in Iraq will change people's attitudes on the war.

The steady drumbeat of defeatism from the left has taken time to affect the majority American public opinion.

To bad it has taken less now than it ever has in time of war in recent American history.

It's sad for America today, and for the foreseeable future, that our willingness to sacrifice and endure a war of such huge consequences has such a low ceiling for victory.

The America I thought I knew did not embrace failure so easily.

They seemed more able to deflect defeatist rhetoric. Then again what do I know? I'm in the minority.

-- Chuck LeFurge


Americans are losing jobs to illegal aliens

A January 2005 report from the large respected investment firm Bear Sterns reported that between 4 and 6 million jobs once performed by Americans are now being held by illegal aliens.

In January 2005, Columbia University reported that displaced American workers are losing more than $68 billion per year in wages because of illegal aliens in the work force.

Still feel good about the cheap illegal alien labor? And do you really believe we are talking about jobs that Americans won't do?

-- Ernest Wade