Mayoral challenger wants ‘city of people and pride'

From Staff Reports

The challenger for mayor of Forest Park wants a city for the people.

Corine Deyton served on the Forest Park City Council for more than eight years before losing her seat to current councilman David Halcome, Sr. in 2003. She will face incumbent Mayor Chuck Hall in the Dec. 6 runoff election.

This week Deyton agreed to answer a series of questions to help voters know about some of the issues as Hall did in yesterday's edition. The News Daily will also profile the candidates in a council runoff.

Q: What issues and goals for the city are most important to you?

Beautifying our city and bringing back her pride. A place you would Love to call home. A city with quality jobs for her families and their children's future. A city that includes home ownership involvement along with the leadership to carry Forest Park into the future.

Q: Why are you more qualified than your opponent to address these issues?

Forest Park has been my home for 45 years. I'm proud to have served as a city council person for eight years and also supported my deceased husband, Jack, as he served on our city council for five years. City government is not new to me and I look forward to serving as her mayor. The people can trust what I tell them!

Q: What is your position on the city's decision to privatize its sanitation service?

The city of Forest Park has been blessed with long time dedicated city employees in all departments - second to none. The decision was against the majority of the people's wishes. As your mayor, I will not tell you one thing and do another. That's a promise!

Q: What would you like to see done to redevelop Army Garrison Fort Gillem?

As close as Forest Park is to the largest airport in the country, we have the greatest opportunity to attract high tech industry just as many other areas throughout this country has done around major airports. We can convert Fort Gillem into the largest revenue tax base within the metro area and provide jobs right here at home. Taxes produced from this redevelopment will profit every citizen and homeowner of our great City.

Q: What do you think about former Clayton County Commission Chairman Crandle Bray being the head of the Fort Gillem Redevelopment Authority? He is a very powerful person known for being adamant about having his way. Will that be good for the city or are you worried he will have too much sway over the redevelopment process?

From what I've seen take place in Clayton County, along with reliable sources of information, the taxpayers of Clayton County are yet to feel the high cost of an adamant leader that had to have it his way.

High density growth, over burdened schools, recreation areas such as The Beach that were built to lose money. An overcrowded, under developed road system, and more yet to come.

The question is can the taxpayers afford more of the same?

Q: Do you think the owners of the Crazy Horse Saloon and the proposed Pink Pony II strip clubs have too much influence over the city government?

My candidacy for mayor is being run without monetary support from the Crazy Horse Saloon and/or the proposed Pink Pony II Strip Clubs.

As your mayor, I will find out what's on the drawing boards and the people will also know the truth. Together we will stand up and fight for the sake of our families and for this great city we call home.

Q: How important is the proposed commuter rail in bringing the Mountain View area out of its current industrial mold? Is there some other way to change that area into commercial usage?

The proposed commuter rail is the first movement south of Atlanta by our state government. Thanks to Clayton County Commissioner Carl Rhodenizer who has been fighting for a number of years for our fair share. Look at the north side and how they have prosperous jobs, roads, and a quality of life second to none. This is a great opportunity to bring industry and quality development to rural areas far beyond Forest Park. We can only profit from and share the tax base gains.

Q: How would you expand the city's tax base?

With the closing of Fort Gillem and the addition of a commuter rail system, redevelopment will take place in the old Mountain View area along with the property of Fort Gillem. I will seek top advisors to bring the best redevelopment for these areas thereby, providing the citizens of Forest Park an opportunity to profit from the greatest tax base in Clayton County. We have been blessed with a bright future!

Q: What would you do to revitalize Main Street?

This we have been promised for the last 12 years. My first priority will be to fulfill this forgotten promise. I love this city as much as our citizens love her. Main Street under my leadership will make them proud!

Q: How would you encourage community participation in the city government?

The citizens can count on an open door policy. Our city should be built along with the input from her people, not high paid individuals. I will be a mayor who takes the city government to the people and together Forest Park will be second to none. A city of people and pride!