Shooting wounds three

By Ed Brock

Three men who were wounded in a drive-by shooting say it may have been an act of retaliation by a man who was beaten after shooting a 15-year-old girl at a party.

Now Clayton County and Lake City police plan to team up to find out who that man is.

The first shooting occurred around 11:40 p.m. Saturday at the Lake City Community Center in the old city hall on North Parkway, Lake City Police Chief David Colwell said. At the time about 50 or 60 people were at a "quinceanera," or "Sweet 15" party in the Mexican culture, and a man crashed that party. Some kind of altercation broke out, Colwell said, but his investigators are not yet sure why.

"We're still trying to piece this all together," Colwell said.

At one point the man who crashed the party produced a gun and fired, hitting the teen-age girl whose name Colwell did not release.

"She was treated and released from the hospital," Colwell said. "A bullet fragment struck her in the left calf."

Colwell said he is not sure what happened to the man who did the shooting, but the victims of Sunday night's shooting told Clayton County police that the man, identified only by his street name "Bravo," was beaten up.

Around 10:30 p.m. Sunday Aquilino Ferguson, 25, of Stone Mountain and the other victims were driving home from a softball game on Old Rex Morrow Road near Acorn Drive when the second shooting occurred, according to a Clayton County police report. A white, late-model Jeep Commander pulled up next to the Mitsubishi Gallant that Ferguson was driving and somebody in the Jeep opened fire.

A witness told police he heard about six shots.

One hit Ferguson in the left hip. Another hit 18-year-old Mario Hinds of Decatur in the leg and both men were taken to Southern Regional Medical Center.

A third bullet hit Gilberto Nagar, 21, in the back and he was taken by air ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center. All were doing well on Monday, Clayton County Police Maj. Tim Robinson said, though Hinds was undergoing surgery again Monday afternoon.

Ferguson and the others said that they had heard that "Bravo" had gone to the hospital for his injuries Saturday night and after getting out on Sunday was threatening retaliation for his beating. They said the person who owned the Mitsubishi in which the victims were driving, a person identified only as "Mr. David," was the target of "Bravo's revenge.

Colwell said his detectives plan to meet with Clayton County investigators this week regarding the two shootings.

"We're going to get together with Clayton County, put our heads together and see what we can come up with," Colwell said.