Clayton cop almost hit head on in chase

By Ed Brock

A near miss on a Clayton County police patrol car brought the officer into an ongoing chase after a stolen car.

Around 1:46 p.m. Tuesday the officer was patrolling on Old Rex Morrow Road near Morrow High School when a blue Toyota Camry came hurdling toward him, Clayton County Police Maj. Tim Robinson said.

"He almost got hit head on," Robinson said.

The officer swung around and began to chase the Camry, at which time he looked in his rearview mirror and saw some Atlanta police officers coming up behind him in pursuit of the Camry. After about four minutes the chase ended on Victory Boulevard where the driver of the car, 43-year-old Wilford Cutts of Jonesboro, stopped in a driveway.

Cutts and the other three people in the car got out and tried to run but were captured, Robinson said. Atlanta police arrested Cutts in connection with the theft of the Camry.

Robinson said Clayton County police arrested one of the passengers in the car, 49-year-old David Anthony Crawford, because he had a warrant for his arrest on a probation violation.

Atlanta police may have assisted in the chase, spokeswoman Sylvia Abernathy said, but the department's chase command had no information on it so it probably originated in another jurisdiction.