Greater St. Peter Christian Academy of Excellence closes

By Johnny Jackson

The Greater St. Peter Christian Academy of Excellence closed last week to the surprise of several parents and educators there.

The surprise closure saddened and inconvenienced both parents and educators, one source said.

”We've prepared a written statement; it is what my heart says,“ said Isaiah Waddy, headmaster of the school and pastor at Greater St. Peter.

Waddy wrote in the statement:

”I regret that as the Headmaster, I must announce the immediate closing of the Academy (the Elementary and Middle School Divisions) effective Oct. 1, 2005. We will continue to provide care and education in excellence from six weeks through K-5.

”This closure is a result of many issues: lease issue with our buildings, decrease in student population, lack of church and other outside support, tuition payment problems and other things to numerous to enumerate.“