Young minister in a good, comfortable place with God

By Johnny Jackson

Brandon Gay is an associate minister for the New Macedonia Baptist Church. His mantra is ”sold out; meaning, I'm sold out to God,“ he said.

Gay has preached to congregations in and around the Riverdale area for about five years now.

And he recently obtained his learner's permit to be able to drive himself to those holier occasions. It is merely an ordinary milestone for the 15-year-old student at Mundy's Mill High School.

He spends most of his time making music and ”pleasing God,“ he said. ”He's ordaining my steps to minister through music and behind the pulpit. Music is what consoles me.“

Gay spends the rest of his time with friends, hanging out at the mall or wherever.

”God has blessed me with friends that I need, and he has taken away the friends I do not need,“ he said.

”I'm a normal kid. I just preach, basically,“ he said, before correcting himself. ”The Bible said I've been set apart. So, I don't consider myself much of a normal kid. A mandate has been set on me to make the love of Jesus known, (to) let people know that he is love.“

Gay said he was nine when he received the mandate and continued the second leg of his faithful journey through life.

”I was called at 10 years old. One night God came to me in a dream-I'm not sure how even to explain it,“ he said, in a best attempt to describe his dream. ”I have a fear of swimming. It's kind of like I'm at the edge of this big pool. It's pitch black, and God asked me to jump. And I jumped. It's like somehow God was telling me ‘you're ready to minister'.

”Like most ministers, I kind of ran from God. But he caught me, and one day, I went to church and broke down crying.“

Gay, then 10 years old, remembers the date as if he were born on May 14, 2000.

These days, he prefers playing the piano to those video games he used to play as child. Indeed, he admires gospel musician Mattie Moss Clark.

”My greatest mentor is Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, the matriarch of the Clark Sisters,“ he said. ”The legacy she left is special to me. What amazed me about her is that anointing surpassed her singing ability-that her anointing even carried over to her granddaughter.“

Gay said his grandmother Josephine is the pastor of their house and the rock of their household. But he credited Floyd Walker with taking him in and helping mold him as a minister despite his age and his ever-evolving essence as a youth.

”Some people are surprised or skeptical,“ he said. ”Sometimes I've been met by ignorance. But I've been received most of the time.

”I think God has always had his hand on my life. And I'm thankful. It's overwhelming to be used by God. It's a feeling to give your life to God-it's the best feeling in the world. I don't take it for granted at all. Because when I'm in the church, I'm in a place where I just don't want to (leave).“