Jonesboro man arrested in drug sting

By Ed Brock

A Jonesboro man who works as a Fulton County sheriff's deputy has been arrested in Alabama on charges that he was trafficking in cocaine and marijuana.

Agents with the FBI's Division Office in Mobile arrested Dwayne Turner, 40, of Jonesboro at around 11:45 a.m. Tuesday in the parking lot of a restaurant in Montgomery, according to a FBI press release. According to an affidavit by Special Agent Alan Ducote, the arrest came after an informant told agents that he had been buying drugs from Turner and selling them in the Mobile area.

The informant, who was not identified, told the agents that he had met Turner in 2000 in Mobile because ”they had a common interest in dogs,“ Ducote said in his affidavit. In 2003 Turner approached the informant at a dog-related function and asked about selling drugs in Mobile.

According to the informant he bought three pounds of marijuana from Turner later that year. He bought marijuana from Turner six more times, each time in the Mobile area. He bought cocaine from Turner on three occasions including a half of a kilogram worth $11,500.

Ducote and the other agents recorded phone calls between Turner and the informant as they set up a deal for the informant to buy $3,000 worth of cocaine. They planned to meet in Montgomery to complete the deal and on Oct. 4 Ducote and other agents watched as the men met in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.

According to Ducote, Turner told the informant that the ”stuff“ was in the car, then he went into the restaurant to use the bathroom. The informant got into the car by himself, then got out. The two men met briefly at Turner's black Mustang and then Turner got into the car and drove away.

Later the informant gave the agents a bag of cocaine in a clear Zip-Loc bag and said he had left the money in Turner's car. The informant also set up another meeting with Turner for the following week, but it is unclear whether that was the meeting that led to Turner's arrest.

Turner, who works as a corrections officer in the Fulton County Jail, has made his initial appearance in court and is being held without bond. If convicted of the charge of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine he could be sentenced to up to 40 years in federal prison and fined up to $2 million.