Letters to the Editor

Swarm's nest quickly responds to attacks

It's amazing to see what happens when one or two letters to the editor appear that are actually anti-Bush administration. It has about the same effect as stomping on a hornet's nest. The faithful Bush followers swarm in mass - in their usual attempts to defend the indefensible - upon the few who have the audacity to speak their piece.

On Sept. 29, the swarm's responses dominated the letters to the editor. Ernest Wade ("Sheehan rights come with responsibility," To the Editor, Sept. 29) chastised Pat Dozier ("Cindy Sheehan has the right to protest," To the Editor, Sept. 24) for defending Cindy Sheehan, whom Mr. Wade insinuated was uncivilized and irresponsible or insane. He thought she was morally irresponsible for not spouting the usual, baseless accolades for the president's actions in Iraq.

Tony Rivera ("Feds not to blame for lack of action," To the Editor, Sept. 29) berated Patricia Ann Pickering ("Shame on feds for disgraceful response," To the Editor, Sept. 22), who wrote that she took down her American flag because she was so distressed over our government's lack of immediate action in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Rivera said that he, too, took down his flag when Bill Clinton lied, and that he wanted to have her flag so that he could proudly fly it now. He further explained that the New Orleans debacle was the fault of the local governments, not the federal government.

The reason that the local governments in Louisiana, and especially in New Orleans, had trouble responding immediately was because it is extremely difficult for a government to function efficiently under water. Also, they somewhat lacked the vast resources of the U.S. government.

Like it or not, the main thing needed most immediately after Katrina was a leader. He just happened to be vacationing next door in Texas.

- Mike Bence

Sugar Hill

Nice to see something positive for a change

What a delight to open Sept. 16's paper and see on the front page Ethan Schuett riding on the Tilt-a-Whirl at the Gwinnett County Fair. His face is one of pure joy, innocence and just plain ol' everyday fun. It brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

These days it's hard to find pictures or articles that do that. We seem to think murder, rape, fraud, etc. are more newsworthy. What a shame! I wonder if we would be a different people if the good that happens every day would be the headline and the morbid secondary?

Many kudos to Anthony Stalcup for such a wonderful photo. It would win first prize in my fair. Thanks to the editor for giving it a place on the front page.

- Mary-Ann Parker

Sugar Hill