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Citizens not allowed to speak

To the editor:

Mayor Joy Day of Jonesboro stuck it to the citizens again Monday night at the city council meeting.

Not wanting to be exposed to any citizen comment, she simply refused to allow the clipboard to be available for sign-up. Anyone who has attended either a county commission meeting or any city council meeting should be aware that the normal procedure is to allow citizens to sign the clipboard and address their elected officials on issues of their concern.

This should make it obvious to all citizens that the concerns of the citizens do not rate very high with Mayor Day. All too often, she allows her own self interests to supersede the needs and wants of the residents.

This self-centered attitude is a reflection of the council as a whole since not one council member objected to her actions. Although Council Member Rick Yonce did manage to get it in the minutes that no citizen was allowed to speak, not a peep was heard from the other council members, including Norrington and McDonald, who are seeking re-election.

One could only hope that the residents would rise up and defeat Norrington and McDonald November 8. This is the only way the people are ever going to have a voice in their government. We have been ignored for too long. Wake up and reclaim your city council. Remember: A vote for Norrington and McDonald is a vote for Mayor Day.

Roger Grider